What is it How to Use Why/Who Who Shouldn’t

What is Compression & Benefits

Dynamic compression is for Lymphatic drainage. Relieve sore, stiff, or injured joints with better blood flow. Pneumatic Compression therapy is FDA approved and proven to enhance blood flow, eliminate soreness, and speed up recovery. Our treatments utilize the latest in higher pressure options and faster cycles to improve and insure the best experience and results.

How to Use

  • Compression is ideal right after a workout, race, or event, especially after a long, arduous one. However, you can use the boots after a long day, anytime your legs are feeling sore, or whenever you feel you need to recover a little faster.
  • Enjoy one or all attachments arms, legs, hips/back for better range of motion


  • Anyone with stiff joints
  • Chronic soreness/stiffness
  • Anyone in need of increased recovery time
  • Great for arthritis
  • Wonderful pairing would be with Cryotherapy Lets make this a pitch for freeze and squeeze

When doing cryotherapy we supplement our blood with healing enzymes and hormones with compression therapy we can maximize our results by increasing the circulation right after. AKA The Original Freeze and squeeze special

Who Shouldn’t

Due to its customizability of settings, we can accommodate a wide range of people, from athletes who use it for a competitive edge to geriatric patients suffering from circulatory and lymphatic complications. If you have any questions feel free to contact a Caveman Recovery Specialist.